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Fazal Ur Rehman

From Dera Bugti‎, Pakistan
Rate/Hour 100
Member since Sep 19 2023 - Hire Me‎

Awais Umar Hayat

From Faisalabad‎, Pakistan
Rate/Hour 100
Member since Jul 03 2023 - Hire Me‎

Razi Ullah Baig

From Gilgit‎, Pakistan
Rate/Hour 100
Member since Jun 13 2023 - Hire Me‎

Muhammad Haris

From Karachi‎, Pakistan
Rate/Hour 100
Member since Mar 21 2023 - Hire Me‎

Mirza Mubashir Baig

From Rawalpindi‎, Pakistan
Rate/Hour 2000
Member since Dec 21 2022 - Hire Me‎

Fatima Riaz

From Karachi‎, Pakistan
Rate/Hour 400

My self, Fatima RiazI'm an Electronic Engineer and registered by PEC. I'M An Enthusiastic a...

Member since Nov 13 2022 - Hire Me‎

Shah Mohammad

From Quetta‎, Pakistan
Rate/Hour 100

My Name is Shah Mohammad Notezai. I am now working as a Petroleum Job in Yak Mach Dalbandin....

Member since Oct 25 2022 - Hire Me‎

Jahanzaib Khan

From Multan‎, Pakistan
Rate/Hour 200

I wanna teach Urdu islamiat s studies subjects 1 to 10 class smoothly...

Member since Feb 14 2022 - Hire Me‎

Bilal Qureshi

From Rawalpindi‎, Pakistan
Rate/Hour 1000

I have expertise in embedded systems, IOT, circuit designing, simulations, picture and video editing...

Member since Jan 26 2022 - Hire Me‎