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There are total 23 job opportunities in Public Limited Company till today. Public Limited Company few new vacancies are in city Islamabad, Pakistan. You can view Public Limited Company December 2017 all latest job opportunities online for Punjab, Sindh, KPK, Balochistan, AJK etc.

The public limited company is established with some commonwealth jurisdiction and it shares the minimum share capital and they do the trade with other companies publically. The people should know some advantages of the plc before start their business. The companies have limited liability for their shareholders. The business has the separate legal entity and if any shareholders die, then the business is continued with the company. The businesses can raise the large capital and there is no limit of the shareholders. The shares of the businesses can be transferred easily and freely and they provide more liquidity to the shareholders. But there are some disadvantages, when you do business with the public limited company as the original owner can lose control over the company. The company has to meet the legal formalities and they are time consuming and costly. The company has to protect the interest of the company and also comply with the regulations and they have to publish their accounts. The company may face the management problems, in which slow decision making and industrial relations problems are also great hindrance in the business with the public limited companies.

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