Omar Hospital & Cardiac Center

There are total 61 job opportunities in Omar Hospital & Cardiac Center. Omar Hospital & Cardiac Center few new vacancies are in city Lahore of Pakistan. You can view Omar Hospital & Cardiac Center April 2017 all latest job opportunities online.

Omar Hospital & Cardiac Center is the leading hospital, which is providing the medical facilities to the heart patients. This hospital is the leader in providing the multi disciplinary healthcare services in private sector and this hospital has started working in health care sector in 2004.the hospital has done life saving procedures like angioplasty; bypass surgery and stent replacement in thousands of the patients. The hospital uses the latest technology and advancements in cardiology and it has adopted the new treatment strategies to give health and hope to the patients. This hospital has offered the latest cardiac facilities to the patients in Lahore and it has offered the latest and unique latest and modern diagnostic and therapeutic modalities to adults and children. It has maintained the 14 bedded emergency unit and centrally monitored coronary care unit, surgical intensive care unit, medical intensive care unit, exercise tolerance test, echocardiography and computerized electrocardiography. The hospital has the team of professionally sound interventional cardiologist, cardiac specialist nurses and cardiac surgeons and dedicated consultant dieticians and it is done under the cardiac rehabilitation program. The hospital provides all these facilities to the patients at the reasonable fee.