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Umar Ali

From Faisalabad, Pakistan
Rate/Hour 500
Member since Jan 15 2019 - Hire Me‎

Fuzail Ahmed

From Karachi, Pakistan
Rate/Hour 300
Member since Jan 07 2019 - Hire Me‎

Hadiqa Ahmed

From Karachi, Pakistan
Rate/Hour 200

team leading. great observation to small details data management command on GIS, Excel, Access, g...

Member since Jan 04 2019 - Hire Me‎

Usama Naeem Khalid

From Bahawalpur, Pakistan
Rate/Hour 200

I yave degree of Master's in English linguistics so i can handle things related to English language ...

Member since Jan 03 2019 - Hire Me‎

Nouman Majeed

From Abbottabad, Pakistan
Rate/Hour 500

Hi, I'm happily agreed upon your concern & would be glad to serve the services as I'm a full ti...

Member since Jan 01 2019 - Hire Me‎

Rizwan Tariq

From Sarai Alamgir, Pakistan
Rate/Hour 500

Hi! my name is Rizwan, but i love to be called Moon! I'm an enthusiastic and creative graphic artist...

Member since Dec 28 2018 - Hire Me‎

Muhammad Nadeem

From Attock, Pakistan
Rate/Hour 100

Want a challenging environment for my experience.....

Member since Dec 26 2018 - Hire Me‎

Shaheen Naz

From Hyderabad, Pakistan
Rate/Hour 100
Member since Dec 18 2018 - Hire Me‎

Malik Zohaib

From Rawalpindi, Pakistan
Rate/Hour 2100

I am a Consultant/Specialist...

Member since Dec 11 2018 - Hire Me‎

Sumra Ayoub

From Lahore, Pakistan
Rate/Hour 100

I have been working as a hydrologist in public health projects and also assisted as a GIS analyst on...

Member since Nov 30 2018 - Hire Me‎

Hania Urooj

From Multan, Pakistan
Rate/Hour 200
Top Skills: Freelance

I am hoping that part of your new responsibilities is seeking out and hiring freelancer writers. I a...

Member since Oct 23 2018 - Hire Me‎

Fatima Ali

From Bannu, Pakistan
Rate/Hour 2500
Member since Oct 12 2018 - Hire Me‎

Asad Baloch

From Karachi, Pakistan
Rate/Hour 5000

As a freelance trainer i've discovered that it's very necessary to have a calm manner and a professi...

Member since Oct 12 2018 - Hire Me‎


From Faisalabad, Pakistan
Rate/Hour 1000
Member since Oct 03 2018 - Hire Me‎

Zeenia Shah

From Lahore, Pakistan
Rate/Hour 100

Excellent proofreading skills....

Member since Sep 08 2018 - Hire Me‎
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