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Alarab Recruiting Employment Solution - MANPOWER RECRUITMENT STAFFING EMPLOYMENT LABOUR SUPPLY SERVICES COMPANY IN KARACHI / LAHORE / ISLAMABAD - PAKISTAN The exposure of the term Manpower Recruitment Agency Pakistan is wide and includes within its domain, the services provided by a Manpower Recruitment Staffing & Employment Agency from the primary stage of building a database of Manpower for different categories of Personnel Employment, whether white collar or blue collar, whether for Employment in Pakistan or Overseas, determining Manpower Requirement for the client, preliminary identification, short-listing and screening of prospective candidates, providing specialists for interviewing prospective candidates, arranging for their interviews at each stage; placing advertisements for Recruitment of Manpower in the print or electronic media, etc. Manpower Recruitment Agency Pakistan shall cover services provided by a Manpower Recruitment Agency to a client from the initial stage of selecting / identifying man-power required for any prospective Employment, till the stage of actual selection for the same. In cases, where a person or candidate approaches a Manpower Recruitment Agency Pakistan for being employed in a suitable position abroad, the prospective candidate for employment becomes the client. We have therefore compiled a short list of some of the most common terms and definitions used by an Overseas Employment Manpower Recruitment Agency. Overseas Employment Agency: Manpower Employment Agency typically finds employment or jobs for individuals who are seeking overseas employment. The Overseas Recruitment Agency works on behalf of the prospective employers based in another country, to advertise, arrange interviews; facilitate selection and process documents of the selected candidates. Licensed Overseas Employment Promoter: Government Authorized Overseas Employment and Manpower Staffing Agency holding a license issued by the Ministry of Labor, Manpower and Overseas Pakistanis, Government of Pakistan. The employment agency is usually issued Authorization by the Government of Pakistan to advertise, select candidates, process their visas and send them overseas on the basis of power of attorney issued by the overseas employer. Manpower Recruitment Company/Firm: Manpower Recruitment Agency that identifies and helps to procure employees for overseas employers. In contrast to a Standard Manpower Staffing Agency, Alarab Recruiting a Manpower Recruitment Agency not only provides Recruitment Services but also deals in the Management of the employees. Manpower Recruitment Consultants: Recruitment Consultant is a person who advices a manpower staffing agency in identifying and screening/evaluating qualified candidates for an open position. Recruitment consultants generally work closely with a Staffing Agency or any Manpower Employment Agency to determine which candidates are best suited for any open positions. Trade/ Technical Test: A job applicant for overseas employment through a Manpower Staffing Agency may have to go through a trade or technical test to prove his or her skills and knowledge. These tests are usually conducted under the close supervision of the Manpower Employment Services provider Companies. Trade/Technical Institute: A Technical Institute, Recognized by the Government of Pakistan, which administers the required trade tests to assess the knowledge and technical skills of the candidate for Overseas Employment. The Manpower Recruitment Company arranges the tests in coordination with Department of Overseas Employment Pakistan Government. Manpower Staffing Agency: Overseas Employment Agency Pakistan usually hires the services of a legal advisory panel for consultation regarding prevailing immigration laws and employee's rights. An advisory board can be of any kind including one on specific field of employment such as Engineering, Medicine, etc and may advice the Overseas Employment Manpower Recruitment Agency Pakistan regarding interviews and selections. Administrative Manpower Staffing Services: Administrative or Clerical Manpower Staffing Services includes interview and selection for the following positions, among others: secretaries, general office clerks, receptionists, administrative assistants, word-processing and data entry operators, cashiers, and phone operators. Highly Skilled Manpower Recruitment Services: Highly skilled manpower includes posts like Doctors, Nurses, Hospital Technicians, IT Professionals, Software Programmers, Civil Engineers, Electrical Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Chartered Accountants, Architects and Accounts Officers. Skilled Manpower Recruitment Services: Skilled manpower includes posts like Machine Operators, Foremen, Supervisors, Computer Operators, Technicians, Secretaries, Assistant Accountants, Electricians, Drivers, Plumbers, Electricians, Tailors, Barbers, Jewelers, Clerks, Salesmen, Storekeepers and the like. Alarab Recruiting has in-depth knowledge and extensive data bank of the above mentioned categories. Semi Skilled Manpower Recruitment Services: Semi-skilled Manpower Recruitment & Employment Services include selection of Laborers, Watchmen, Gatekeepers, Guards, Gardeners, Helpers, Assistants and the like. General Labor and Industrial Staffing: General Labor and Industrial Employment Services typically include selection of personnel for the following positions, among others: manual laborers, construction workers, food handlers, cleaners, assemblers, drivers, tradesmen, machine operators, and maintenance workers. Health Care Manpower Recruitment Service: Health Care Staffing Services typically includes the following positions, among others: physicians, nurses, medical technicians, therapists, home health aides, and custodial care workers. IT Manpower Recruitment Services: Information Technology Manpower Recruitment typically includes the following positions, among others: consultants, analysts, programmers, designers, installers, and other occupations involving computer sciences (hardware or software) or communications technology (Internet, telephony, etc.). Technical Manpower Recruitment Services: Technical and Mechanical Manpower Recruitment Staffing Services typically includes the following positions, among others: engineers, scientists, laboratory technicians, architects, draftsmen, technical writers and illustrators, automotive mechanics and machinists, etc. Alarab Recruiting has in-depth knowledge and extensive data bank of the above mentioned categories. Overseas Job Placements: A Placement occurs when a Manpower Recruitment Agency brings together a job seeker and an employer for the purpose of establishing an ongoing employment relationship. Alarab Recruiting is ranked largest Manpower Recruitment Company in Karachi / Lahore - Pakistan post your inquiry to Email: info@alarabrecruiting.com http://www.alarabrecruiting.com/ http://jobncvs.wix.com/alarab-recruiting info(at)alarabrecruiting(dot)com

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